Car Blast At Pangani Kills Four

00:00 Apr 22 2014 Pangani Kenya

Police have revealed how they spotted and stopped the terrorists’ car that went off with explosives killing two police officers and two suspects at the Pangani police station, Nairobi. Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo said the slain officers were part of a team that was manning a roadblock near the police station for normal security checks when they spotted the Toyota NZE drive on the wrong lane. “The occupants were flagged down and questioned what was their motive to drive on the wrong side but by the occupants couldn't clearly explain,” said Kimaiyo. He said the officers were forced to board the car after the two occupants tried to defy their orders and drive off in the 8 pm incident. The officers decided to take them to Pangani Police Station for further interrogation.
Two officers entered the car to make sure the suspects didn't escape, one sat at the front and the other at the back, while the remaining officers in the 999 patrol car escorted the suspected car from behind, added Kimaiyo. Kimaiyo said on reaching the Pangani Police Station gate, one of the suspects, on sensing danger he ignited the IED that had been mounted at the boot of the suspects’ car.
He added one of the suspects, who apparently detonated the bomb, was seated in the left side of the car and refused to move when asked and instead asked the officers to occupy the next side of the seat. “Unfortunately the car exploded killing all occupants including our two officers and two suspects. I want to assure Kenyans that war against terrorism is still on and we are not relenting. We cannot be cowed by such heinous acts and therefore I fully declare war against any acts of crime in the country.” He said the blast was caused by an Improvised Explosive Device that had been mounted in the car’s boot. He added they are working to know the identities of the two men who he added are of Somali origin. “We recovered documents from the car which we believe will help us know their identities,” he said.

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