Man Killed While Assembling Explosive Device in Pangani

00:00 Mar 29 2014 Pangani Nairobi

A suspected terrorist was on Sunday killed in an explosion in Pangani area, Nairobi after an Improvised Explosive Devise he was assembling went off in his house. The terrorist aged about 22 had his body badly dismembered after the blast went off on the first floor of a residential house. Police and witnesses said the three men who were with the deceased escaped in a salon car soon after the blast went off. The explosion was massive that it caused major cracks on the walls of the building and shattered its windows and was heard almost three kilometers away. The body was found in the kitchen of the two bedroomed house where the group was staying. According to Starehe OCPD Barasa Wabomba, the man, may not have been of Somali origin.
The deceased seem to have been preparing or testing the device that went off and killed him. There are other men who escaped from the house whom we are looking for,” said Wabomba.
The four-storey building also hosts a madrassa, Al Bushraa Islamic Centre, which is on the ground floor. Police were forced to break into the house after establishing it had been locked from outside. Wabomba said the owner of the building has noticed unusual movements of youths into room six, which was affected and sought to know who they were. “The owner says the youths were moving between room six and nine. She then decided to terminate the tenancy of the tenants of room six where the explosion happened,” said Wabomba. He added the men were to leave the house tomorrow when their tenancy was to end. Bomb experts arrived at the scene moments later and collected several samples that confirmed the blast was caused by an IED. Nairobi police boss Benson Kibue and his CID counterpart Nicholas Kamwende were among those who visited the scene.

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